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Our Mission

To inspire a generation where “charging” is no longer seen as synonymous with “plugs” by improving access to fast, wireless chargers applicable to all types, sizes and brands of EVs.

Our Story

Wireless PnC is a Victoria-based  cleantech company founded in January 2023. We develop universal level 2 wireless charging stations to support the standardisation of low-GHG emission EV charging units. Our solutions pose particular value for environmentally-conscious individuals and corporations by reducing charging anxiety and increasing charging access to support the transition to clean transport.

Who We Serve?

EV Owners

Home charging stations and retrofits

Managers/Operators and SMEs

Affordable wireless charging fleets

Chargepoint Operators

Streamlined charging programs and maintenance

Electric Vehicle OEMs

EVSE research and development

Our Values

Our organisation is anchored in three core values

01 First

User-Friendly Solutions

02 Second

Environmental and Social Conscience

03 Third

Thoughtful Partnership

Our Team

Our Experienced Team Members

Sahar Sam founder

Dr. Sahar Sam


PhD, Mechanical and Materials Science

Samira Soltani wireless pnc

Dr. Samira Soltani


PhD, Mechanical Engineering

Ishtdeep Profile Picture

Ishtdeep Singh

Research Engineer

M.Eng., Engineering Management

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