Inspire a generation where plugs aren't synonymous with charging

Our Mission

Inspire a generation where plugs aren't synonymous
with charging

Our goal is to design clean-energy wireless charging products. We strive to not only replace the outdated, high carbon footprint technologies of yesterday, but to outperform other green solutions currently on the market. We are constantly enhancing our hardware and software solutions in order to offer our clients the best clean charging solutions possible

Our mission is to put an electric charge.

Our Services

Best Electric Service Provider For
The Electric Vehicle

Home Charging

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Public Charging

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Commercial Systems

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What We Offer?

Universal Wireless Solution

A first-of-its kind universal wireless solution for fast and easy EV charging

Streamlined Packages

Streamlined installation, maintenance, and app-integration packages

EV charging technology

Adaptable and interoperable EV charging technology for many applications


AI-powered alignment correction, adaptive charging, and network communication

By EV Experts, for EV Users

By EV Experts, for EV Users

As a women-led organisation, we understand the importance of diverse teams in order to create technology that will work for EV users in the real world.

We foster a culturally diverse team of professionals who offer a broad perspective on the design of EV greentech to pinpoint energy needs both within Canada and worldwide.

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